It's a good time to visit us in our retail shop, "The Porch", to get your fill of delicious Smoked or Canned Salmon. Not only is our Wild Willapa Salmon tasty, it is also very healthy for you. Each flavorful bite is filled with heart healthy Omega-3s.

Our canned Salmon is available year round for your enjoyment.

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Smoked King Salmon Smoked King Salmon
Each flavorful bite is unforgettable! This is our top selling Salmon product.

Coho Salmon (Silver) Coho Salmon (Silver)
Wild Coho Salmon. Heart healthy and delicious. Don't miss out on this treat!!!

Smoked Coho SalmonSmoked Coho Salmon
Delicately smoked for a quality flavor

Fancy Wild Chinook (King) Fancy Wild Chinook (King)
A delicious heart-healthy treat that you don't want to miss out on.