Premium Albacore Tenderloin Tuna

Nelson Crab, Inc. has been producing premium canned albacore tenderloin tuna for more than 50 years. Our albacore is caught by our own fleet of trollers, which follows the migrating albacore off the Pacific Northwest coast every summer and early fall. These small albacore, which average less than 10 pounds, are low in mercury compared to larger albacore caught by longliners in other parts of the Pacific. According to studies by scientists at Oregon State University, the mercury content of West Coast albacore was found to range from a low of 0.027 parts per million (ppm) to a high of 0.26 ppm. The average mercury content was 0.14 ppm, which is well below the US FDA standards of 1 ppm per gram. Albacore caught in the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest also have five times more fat – and especially more heart-healthy omega-3 fats – than larger albacore caught by longliners in warmer waters. While more fat is good for your health, it also means the meat of our albacore has much more flavor. More

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Jalapeño Albacore Tuna Jalapeño Albacore Tuna
Delicate flavor with a touch of Jalapeño added

Smoked Albacore TunaSmoked Albacore Tuna
Delicate light alder smoke flavor

Mediterranean Style Tuna Mediterranean Style Tuna
Albacore tenderloins canned in their own juices with just a teaspoon of olive oil for flavor.

Provencale TunaProvencale Tuna
Albacore tenderloins are canned with olive oil, a sprinkling of Herbes de Provence and a Bay leaf.

No Salt Added Albacore TunaNo Salt Added Albacore Tuna
No Salt Added. Perfect for people watching their salt intake.

Homestyle Albacore Tuna Homestyle Albacore Tuna
Natural juices of the fish provide the delicate flavor